College basketball scandal


Why did he want Gassnola working for Kansas? Because, he believed, somebody at Nike was working for Duke and North Carolina. And why was Gassnola so anxious to help Kansas? Because, he believed, somebody at Nike was also helping Kentucky.

That’s four blue-blood programs with Hall of Fame coaches.

“That’s how [it] works,” Self texted Gassnola.


That’s. How. It. Works.


Will Wade’s name pops up. If you are not cheating, you are not trying I suppose.


@Just_Sayin What’s up with your boy?


I think a lot more will come out of this as well. Has there been any reports about Nike and Under Armor? I think they subpoenaed Nike’s records a few months ago if I am not mistaken.



clt says aw shucks, good ol roy aint no nuthin about this




Debbie Yow is hard woman. I wonder if she will think NCSU getting burned on this is fair, when UNC-CH got a free pass. It will be interested to watch that play out.


Going to be hard for NCSU to convince the NCAA that every student was eligible for $40,000 in cash from Adidas even if it is a BS argument.


I have to think the UNC-CH scandals has hardened the local reporters to not throw as much shade on any other college infractions. Back in the late 80’s the NCSU sneakers incident was highly scrutinized to no end and folks lost jobs. The media have gotten soft on everyone not just the heels.


A lot of the sports media that now report on these things are former student athletes themselves. The propensity for former athletes to transition into sports media has increased significantly in the last 2 decades.



Interesting trio of pieces from SI.



So I am to believe that Nassir Little was offered $150,000 to sign with Arizona, but he decided to go to UNC-CH instead and money was never discussed or paid. Yeah, I am not buying that.


clt says it would be miserable to be a ncsu fan now



According to the dad and the NCAA, apparently UNC didn’t pay.