College basketball scandal




Damn! Que Johnny Dangerously about how. crime pays. Look at the head coaches Wade coached under, before and after. Now we know why they were all successful! Will Wade is a crook!


More on Will Wade…



There are only 3 D1 schools in Nebraska. The University of Nebraska hasn’t been mentioned with many big time recruits. Omaha would love any publicity, no matter how bad.

That leaves Creighton.

It’s not as certain as saying, “A Division I school in Vermont or Wyoming”, but its close.


clt says these schools should follow the CHeat handbook and spend millions of dollars on attorneys.


Any school, including Duke and Chapel Hill, that have been landing top talent has a likely role in all this. Hopefully the FBI dgaf about the schools as they progress. Unlike some he NCAA they shouldn’t care if a school gets tarnished.


Well they did have a kansas assistant on tape discussing with Merl Code the financial requests of Zion’s family.



Wade now suspended by LSU.




clt reminds schools moving forward. Fake classes! That is how you do it



ESPN has a story which says former State coach Mark Gottfried handed envelopes supposedly containing cash to assistant coach Orlando Early to be delivered to Dennis Smith’s father.

Gottfried is currently the coach of Cal State-Northridge. Early was an assistant at Charlotte in the late '90s-early '00s.


That explains how Charlotte got Butters to commit. Envelope game was strong in OG CUSA




I’ve always heard a few rumors about a few players here in the Lutz era.