College basketball scandal


Like Tammy Wynette, CSUN standing by their man!





I gotta say it: I want ALL P5 schools to just fucking crash and burn by any means necessary.








This crap is why I watch way more NBA than college ball right now. There is no level playing field in college ball. Never will be. At least in the NBA there is a salary cap and a draft.

If the Niners didn’t have a team I doubt I would watch college ball at all.

Other than the Niners the main reason I watch college ball is to get a look at future pro prospects.

It just gets harder and harder to justify the current college system. But what’s the answer? If you tear down the entire system then lots of students in all sports are going to lose the ability to attend college. Many people are helped by the current system.


clt says the nba is garbage. No parity.

clt says college hoops has the occasional butler or umbc


I’ve almost completely stopped following college sports all together. I rarely watch anything other than the Niners unless I’m at a bar. The level of disparity is ridiculous and the system reinforces it, rather than try to correct it, by providing more money and fewer consequences to the haves.


This is why I have lost all respect for Jay Bilas and those that fight for schools paying players. He argues constantly on Twitter that there should be a free market in college basketball for schools to pay players as much as they want. I can see the argument for letting players profit off of their names by signing autographs, using their names in video games and so forth but just flat out paying them based on which schools have the most money is ridiculous. College basketball would only exist for the top five conferences at that point and a lot of those schools would no longer be able to compete in their own conference. Bilas says it is only fair because no one limits how much coaches can be paid. Even the NBA has a salary cap that all teams have to live under (sort of kind of). The deck is already stacked against us and other mid major programs with the current system. This would only help the rich get richer. I don’t understand how someone who has profited so much off of the current system can support a change that would basically end the current system. I guess ESPN would be fine if only the power 5 survive and that is where he makes his money. Not to mention a lot of P5 athletic departments get a huge chunk of their profits straight from ESPN and other TV deals so it would basically be ESPN paying the players. I wish he would just come right out and say he doesn’t give a F about all the other conferences instead of acting like he is some kind of activist for all of the poor used and abused college athletes who only get free tuition, room and board, and a college experience that the average college student could only dream of. End the 1 and done rule and let those that feel they are ready go to the G-League or NBA right out of high school. That makes much more sense to me. Sorry for ranting. This is just my opinion.


clt says well said!


I’m SHOCKED that a dookie would advocate for the rich (dook) getting richer.


Also, they claim to be trying to do this for the student athletes but in my opinion they will screw over way more athletes than they help. If they get the change they want there will be more losing schools than winning. And that means fewer athletes playing at the highest level and likely fewer scholarshipped athletes that are able to get a college education they normally wouldn’t be able to get.

I may be completely wrong but that’s what I think will happen if schools pay players or have no caps on pay.


If the day comes that colleges outright pay players I’ll probably walk away. I’ve already walked away from the NBA mostly and my NFL viewing and attendance is way down. If college just becomes another pro league then what’s the point?


I think the real issue behind the activism for paying players is the 5-10 big stars in college who could make big money on endorsements. Let’s face it. The average college player is not driving demand for the college product. The demand is driven first by people wanting to see the COLLEGE compete and second by them wanting to see certain stars. I think if you allowed players to profit from their likeness then that would be fair. Of course what’s to stop a booster for arranging an endorsement deal for that great 2nd string wing that your local team needs… it’s easy to say “Zion Williamson is a star and he should be able to profit off his stardom” but where is the cutoff? Any system is going to be abused.

Honestly when you game it out the entire system breaks down.

If I didn’t like watching the Niners so much I would probably be advocating for the complete abolishment of college scholarships for athletics!

But wait!

That would hurt all the kids that get scholarships and would impact thousands of non revenue sport athletes as well.

So if they abolish the system we hurt lots of people that otherwise would not be able to attend college.

We are in a pickle with this and there is no way out of it.

The only way out is for people to stop cheating and stop bellyaching about wanting the stars to get paid and that’s not going to happen.

There is no answer.