College basketball scandal


NBA could provide somewhat of an answer. Let the 5 stars go to the draft and be eligible for NBA and GLeague rosters.

As long as monetary gains by coaches are linked to winning the cheating will never end. I don’t think you’d see it as much though if the blue chip guys are off the table.


I think the model in place for baseball is the answer for basketball. The NBA could expand its “minor leagues” and any kid who wants to go “pro” after high school should be eligible. Expand the NBA draft to 10-15 rounds and let them stock their system with athletes who have no intention of being students. Basketball rosters are much smaller than baseball so they should be able to pay players a decent wage while they develop. A kid who decides to go to a D-1 school would then have to wait 3 years to be eligible for the draft. You never really hear about recruiting scandals in college baseball.


Ha, ha. This is like the kids. The judge should have said, so if they jump off a bridge is your client going to also?


Isn’t that because College baseball generates little revenue compared to football and basketball? If there was big money in it would we have corruption?



I would love someone to look at Bilas when he starts this speech and honestly ask him to answer how many players on Duke, Carolina, Florida State, V. Tech , Alabama, Tennessee, Texas etc. he thinks are not getting paid or have not had their families compensated already. He knows the game.




I think we really dodged a bullet on Wade.



Wade’s worst seasons have had 18 wins. Sign me up for that anytime.


FWIW, this season likely vacated with the previous ones at both LSU and VCU highly scrutinized.


Cant take away the winning the fans had. Give me Halton rocking, 20 wins, NCAA, etc. I don’t give a shit if the wins are vacated 3 years later.


Kansas football is cheating? That’s sad.


clt looks forward to the Jordan brand schools being brought into this






Current UTEP MBB assistant implicated.