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Eliminating the one and done rule would not harm it at all. Allow players to either enter the G-League OR stay in college for at least 3 years like every other sport mandates. Simple really.


Sick of hearing Jay Bilas say college players should be paid & acting like these kids are forced to go to college. Paying players would only work for the blue bloods & it would further separate the majors from mid-majors. They also have the option to play in the G-league or go overseas. I don’t understand the opposition to a rule where players can go pro right out of high school or be required to play at least 2 or 3 years if they go to college. Baseball & football pretty much have this so why wouldn’t it work for basketball. I think the game would be just as good if not better with more upper classman playing even if a lot of the 5 star players went straight to the NBA.


You go to college to improve your employment opportunities. I don’t see why we force someone to play in college when they can go ahead and make money playing basketball as a professional.

You can always go back to school, you’re only in the athletic prime off your life once. And now that the NBA seems to investing more in their development league, these kids can actually focus on basketball without having to pretend to focus on academics.


I agree with this, I will say G-league pay sucks, but if they want to go get paid there or overseas let them, but if they decide to play in college they need to stay 3 years like football, baseball and virtually every other sport requires.


I have thought this way for a few years. Give them a shot in the league out of high school, but if they go the college route then stay the minimum of 3 years. The college ranks needs to keep it simple and keep all sports at 3 years. I never thought playing one year in college did a player any good IMO.


I agree. The one and done rule is not for the benefit of the players. Its a free preview of their potential for the benefit of the NBA.


Why does it matter if they stay 3 years? Seems to me that they should be allowed to leave whenever they want.

I’ve also never really understood why some folks (not necessarily commenters here, more so in the sports media) think it’s so important that the most talented players play in college. The most talented players already are in the NBA or leave early for the NBA anyway, so who cares if some good players never play in college? That’s not what makes college basketball interesting anyway.


No one is forcing them to play in college. G league age is 18, internationally not even that old. if guys choose to come to college in exchange for an education that is their decision.


I agree if an athlete doesn’t want to go to college then they shouldn’t have to. There are other avenues but I don’t Magine if a player wants to get drafted as long as the NBA has their policies in place they will get more looks Competing at a high-level college teams then going overseas.

And now with the G league in place I’d love to see high school athletes become draft eligible and if they decide to go pro they can sign to a contract with the NBA or G league affiliate and if they don’t like where there drafted they can go to college. I even like the baseball draft where you can draft a college kid but doesn’t mean he has to sign but I don’t know that the NBA wants to go down that route.


So much for the “united front” that the NABC wanted to present.