College basketball scandal


Yes. Very shocking! I’m sure there is a legitimate reason for their sudden change in lifestyle.





clt trusts the NCAA do fix this. They did a great job with the largest academic scandal in their history.


Any school that the NCAA investigates should just fight it to the end, lie about everything, and then sue the NCAA for unfair treatment / economic damages if they get any sanctions. If you can blatantly violate rules for 20+ years with zero penalties when the NCAA decides not to enforce their own rules, then you can do anything.

As an aside, is there any reason the NCstate stuff could hurt Lutz in trying to get a position? I don’t think he was involved much in the recruitment of these players. I’d also think his time at Charlotte, where he ran a clean program, would help.



How do you get someone to accept an addendum to a contract requiring him to return money without anything to him? I wouldn’t sign it and tell them to go pound sand or I would ask for a $1 million bonus if I am not found guilty of a major infraction or charged with a crime. You can’t just change the rules midstream.


Considering Miller’s contract requires Arizona to pay him MORE if he’s fired for cause ($10.3 million) than if he were dismissed without cause ($5.15 million), he comes out ahead either way regardless of whether he were to owe UA $300,000 (current contract) or $1 million (proposed contractual amendment).


clt bets good ol Roy’s contract has bonuses for academic fraud.





I am curious to know who “Coach-4” at NC State is.


More than likely it’s Gottfried. Or however the hell you spell his name


Orlando Early’s name has been mentioned in previous documents.


clt says UNCR is going to get hammered.


I agree. Their fans already have a persecution complex about past scandals, this coming so close on the heels of UNC-Cheat skating is going to really hurt. I feel bad for some of them.


Maryland now linked to FBI probe