College football - proposed rule changes

OT rules are perfect, hope they don’t change it.

I hate the OT rules… Its a gimmick… if you are going to alternate starting at an arbitrary spot, do it at the 50 or your own 35. Starting in Field Goal range is dumb.


I hate the college OT rules with a passion. The game drags on way too long. Allow each team to get the ball once on their own 35 yard line then sudden death. If you score a TD in OT you must go for two. If no one scores in the extra quarter the game ends in a tie unless it is a playoff game.

If injuries are such a concern, then dropping OT is the only solution. Considering tie-breakers are used to decide conference positioning anyways, ties shouldn’t be such a big deal.

No OT is going to be perfect, just pick an option and go with it. NFL is having the same issue. Perfection doesn’t exist.

Don’t like the 2pt shootouts, like was mentioned here back it up to 35 and make them go for two after the first TD if you want to speed things up.

I kind of miss the tie game… I hate watching games where the coach would rather sit on the last 40 seconds and play for OT than have to try and make a play.

clt says start at 35 yard line, and kick fg

move back 5 yards until someone misses

we would win every oT

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I don’t want to hear any complaining from tv people and fans about “poor tackling” once this happens

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