College Football week 2

Thought I’d start a running commentary thread each week. Chime in with whatever.

Watching ECU trade blows with USC. They look like they belong.

Was happy that Duke pounded A&T. Was nervous there for a bit.

UVA destroyed Illinois 42-14.

Vols losing to Pitt because their Michigan transfer QB with a lovely arm can’t aim a pass.

WKU Lost a close one to Army.

MTSU isn’t getting drubbed by VA Tech… Yet.

Gonna watch some of the UGA - UAB game, but no illusions there. Will be interesting to see how long UAB can stay in the game.

Ohio State goes down to Ducks.

USC and ECU both have issues. Going to be interesting how both do this season. Pirates play Marshall next.

So a decent chance that Healy is 3-0 after next week, and Houston is 0-3.


If we are hoping to be one of the four getting invited to the AAC, should we be rooting against as much of the competition as we can? Curious, for example - if you all are watching the coastal/kansas game, are you rooting for kansas so coastal is no longer ranked?

I hesitate to do this, but I know you guys will eat it up. Here it is, Schadenfreude:

Blow Your Mind Wow GIF by Product Hunt

I can’t stop watching the male cheerleader’s reaction. Hahahahahahaha.

The 2nd best part is that someone had gone ahead and changed FSUs record from 0-1 to 1-1 during the play. :joy:

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AH! But they fought the good fight!

Is Florida Miami supposed to be any good this year?

In case anyone on here is one of the two people in the world who missed this.


clt says Toledo was robbed

4ever niner says clt forgot to say :rocket: which would be the thing to say about Toledo

From Pat Forde: