College Kids Need Extra Money?

For anybody out of work or a college kid with extra time on their hands and a computer here’s a site you can make a little extra money at. I know there was one on here before when I was in school that I typically made $50-$100 a month by doing the free ads. This one is a little different it’s free to join and you’ll never have to pay a dime. You build a community and watch commercials and add to your balance by bringing people to your group. They pay through paypal at the end of the month and in the first few months if you keep up with it you’ll bring in a little gas money at the end of the month maybe $25-$250. Not a fortune but not bad for clicking on some ads while at the computer.(You can always turn the volume down)

Here it is

For anyone that knows a hot chick that needs a job, I’ll pay $100 for an hour. :stuck_out_tongue: