College Move In Thread

Anyone else moving their kid into college this weekend?

After graduating from one Niner rival (App State) we are helping my son move into an apartment near long time basketball opponent GWU (Grad School).

I plan to walk from his apartment to their gym this fall to watch the Niners crush them at home.

Moved our oldest into Charlotte this past week. Great place for him to be after attending many football games with me over the years


Helping my daughter hang pictures in her new apartment at aTm. My back is killing me and I still have to drive home tonight

Austin, feel for you. Just “reminiscing” with my daughter recently about move-in day during her sophomore year at WCU back in 2014. Never asked what the pain medication was she gave me but probably wouldn’t have made the return trip to Charlotte without it!

My youngest graduated from Clemson last Dec and my oldest Graduated from NC St a few years ago. Dad brag- both Summa Cum Laude! BUT, I still had to move them both again this summer. Dadding when you have girls doesn’t stop….

Enjoy paying tuition you bunch of young bucks!!!


Congrats hootie.

Hopefully some grand kids coming your way soon! Or soon enough,lol

Nooooooo!!! Lol

Congrats Hootie on some major milestones! Are you not going to tell us that all their “smarts” come from dear old Dad?

I think I will likely get at least one of my girls to Charlotte.


Left my oldest daughter at NCSU on Thursday. It wasnt easy, but im sure she will do great.

Afraid I’ll have to give the credit to mom for that!