Colorado Buffaloes Game 12/25 @ Diamond Head Classic


Colorado Buffaloes (8-3) vs Charlotte 49ers (3-7), 7th place game, Diamond Head Classic

Tuesday, December 25, 2018 at 1:00 pm (Stan Sheriff Center)




After a solid start, the wheels have come off. McGill and Martin are both injured. Sanchez got two technicals at the end of the first half and was tossed. Gave the Buffs four free points on the line.

Our team is absolutely snake bit.


Is that a “canned” cheer I keep hearing? It sounds exactly the same each time we have the ball.


Have to give credit to Jon Davis. He was the only real threat to score and was defended well but still put up 25 points.

Supica had some nice plays inside.

Martin was playing well on both ends of the floor until his injury. Things fell apart when he was not able to return.

Younger had some good moments but his shots were not falling. Still like his upside. Mangum was nearly invisible. He seems to have run into a wall.

Haslem had a particularly rough outing. Three fouls, four turnovers, no points and no rebounds. Towards the end of the game, he was totally open under the basket and instead threw a lazy pass and turned it over.

Have to hope that Martin is not out for long. The rotation is short enough already.

Sanchez did not deserve to get the two technicals. Have to admire how he sticks up for our guys.


Listened to post game and Matt said with so few in attendance for the first game of the day, he could hear everything Sanchez was saying and felt Coach didn’t deserve one technical, let alone two. Of course, subtract those four points and we still lose.


yeah but think about mentally what difference it makes going into the second half down four instead of nine. think if martin had not gotten hurt, we lose by single digits. i was encouraged by our defense this game. seemed to be more movement on offense also but having no three point shooters makes scoring so much harder.


Probably, but that really seemed to change the game ALOT.


Definitely did but we were done once Martin went out anyway. Hes our second most reliable player. I hope he’s not out too long. Fortunately he has over a week to rest.


Dang forgot to record the game. Anywhere on the ESPN app to watch it?


agree. still dont think we win the game even without the t’s on sanchez but that combined with martin getting hurt definitely killed us this game. this team never quit and could have lost by 20 plus but fought until the end. that will pay dividends next season and even somewhat later in this season.


ESPN App should have a replay soon if not already. May have to search for it.


Martin got punched in the junk. No two ways about it. It’s hard to call it incidental contact when it was with a closed fist, even if it was a downward chop motion. From that play on the refs changed the flow of the game. I think our guys would have been gassed in the 2nd half, but we won’t know because the refs didn’t let us play that game.


Wow what got Sanchez pissed enough to get two techs?


they called a bogus foul on blight going for a rebound and sanchez was pissed. that foul sent them to the line for two since they were in the bonus. he got on the refs., they t’d him up and he kept going and they t’d him up again. refs. gave them six ft’s with 0.9 seconds left in the half. it was great to see sanchez stick up for his guys.


3 games in 4 days spells disaster with our depth. At this point with injuries today 40 minutes spells disaster. We are just so slim on numbers. I think our record would have been a little bit better this season with less transfers, but that is where we are. We are still a couple of years away from being in the top half of CUSA.


i agree with the first part of your statemnt but not about us being years away from being top half of cusa. we might not even be far away from that this season. cusa is nothing special. next season we will have depth and shooters and that could make a big difference immediately.


I’m tired of next year will have fill in the blank. I’ve heard it for over a decade now. I will still support the team and be on this board but I’m not going to expect us to turn this shit around until I actually see it in results on the court.


Really hard to watch how far we’ve fallen since I started following Niners basketball in the early 2000’s. I feel really bad for this years team because they are doing their best but are so out manned it is ridiculous. We just can’t judge Sanchez as a coach with this team. John Wooden & Coach K combined would struggle with a team this short handed & short on offensive talent. The only thing keeping me positive at this point is the improved recruiting and improved effort on the court. Just hope that the inevitable terrible record this year doesn’t scare any of the committed recruits away for next year. We can’t keep constantly rebuilding and ever see any progress. I will continue to follow and support this team but would honestly love to fast forward to next September for a new season of Football and Basketball with more hope.


I agree…we better not be 2 years away from top half of this league.