Colorado State football stadium sponsorship


I think we got what, $10m for a lifetime agreement? Check out what CSU just landed…


Is our agreement stadium lifetime or Jerry’s?


No doubt our name rights deal was a rookie move.


Our agreement is a lifetime. It was going to be 5 yr and half the amount when Harris Teeter would going to step up before they were sold, but with JR they gave him a lifetime agreement with hopes that he would give more money in the future


Well he is set for another windfall pretty soon…


I wonder if the life time agreement like mentioned earlier is for his life and not the life of the stadium. Also there is no way there isn’t a back out clause for us if the allegations rise and we need to distance ourselves from him, although things have quieted down considerably.


Jerry is about to get a huge influx of cash. Hopefully Charlotte will be a part of his charitable giving.