Concussion rates in youth sports


When I saw the URL, I thought it would be Lacrosse, not Soccer.


clt says this is interesting news. maybe more parents allowing youth fb?


Girls/Women are more prone to concussions over all, if they played contact football the concussion rates would be ridiculous.

It’s also a little hard to 100% trust the study as these are self-reported concussions, and I believe you’d see more self-reporting in women’s soccer than in football.

Additionally, it’s not just concussions that have health professionals concerned about football, it’s the summation of “small” hits you see over the course of a game and season. Those impacts add up, even if there never is a true concussion.

I do agree, there needs to be more investigation into making youth sports safer for brains, and US Soccer has already started making changes, such as outlawing heading the ball until a certain age.

We’re trending in the right direction in terms of awareness and care, just need to keep moving forward. There is always going to be risk in contact sports, just need to be more informed and understand the risks.

Unfortunately, many will see this study and say, “see? football isn’t even as bad as women’s soccer!” When really the reaction should be, “we need to expand our focus.”