Conf Tournaments for the "other guys"

It’s been a very good year for North Carolina basketball teams not in the ACC.
There are a lot of teams that had a great season other than Charlotte. But they are DROPPING like flies in the tournament - all in (mild) upsets. Hope Charlotte bucks that trend.

(Included Davidson just because it was fun)

#1 Highpoint 79 (25-8)
#5 Longwood 80

#1 App State 65 (27-7)
#4 AR State 67

#4 UNCW 56 (21-11)
#5 Towson 65

#2 UNC Asheville 59 (22-13)
#5 Longwood 60

#13 Davidson 63 (15 - 17)
#12 Fordham 71

WOW that is ugly. Like to see us get to championship game…Tough road in a tough conference despite what KENPOM, Net rankings and assorted crap that favors exclusively the “power 5” conferences says


Dont forget Western Carolina losing in OT in opening round as well

App losing lols

Davidson losing BIGGER LOLS


As long as TarHoles lose quickly in ACC and NCAA tournament it will be a good year.


That’s the biggest of LOLS

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