Conference Basketball Tournament Location

Our tournament this year is in Fort Worth, TX. Next year and the year after that as well, Fort Worth, TX. AAC has an option to keep it there beyond 2026.

CUSA Tournament was in Frisco, TX from 2018 through our last year, 2023.

So a minimum of nine years in a row the tournament for us will have been in the Dallas metro area. I’d like to go to the conference tourney, but Dallas is not exactly exciting as a destination, much less Fort Worth or Frisco.

Given the American’s geography, here are some places that could be fun for the Conference Tourney:

New Orleans

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Totally agree, the only way I’m making the Fort Worth trip is if I could find a ticket last minute when I know we’ve made the final. That’s probably not happening in my current life stage though. #dadLife

clt says this needs a poll

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I would guess that Memphis would likely bid on hosting, possibly UAB.

Several CUSA Tournaments were hosted by Memphis back in the day.

The arena that the Florida Panther play near Ft. Lauderdale wouldn’t be a bad spot. Warmer weather and an affordable place to fly.

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If it’s similar to cusa days - a host school has to bid to host the tournament and line up the sponsor etc. The reason we never hosted a cusa 1.0 tournament is they was no appetite for Charlotte business community to sponsor. Maybe that’s changed - but either way name of the game is finding local sponsors.

For us I doubt we would want to host at Halton so price goes up significantly. Would be nice is Charlotte visitors folks would make an offer similar to the ciaa one.

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Forget it. The acc is coming here next year and some years afterward.

Just another example of the A&PCC being the bane of our existence

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Well the sword was twisted bigly when they moved their headquarters here. :scream: