Conference Realignment (Part 2)

According to Pete Thamel on the latest college GAMEDAY podcast the real prizes for the SEC are UNC and VA, not FL State and Clemson.

Because the SEC already has schools in FL and SC.

The prize is getting those two schools to open up NC and VA markets to the SEC.

He seemed to imply that the SEC doesn’t want Clemson or FL State.

clt says sec doesn’t care about academics so UNC CHeat could be a fit.

on the football field, vtech and ncsu would seem a better fit

uva makes no sense, better for b10 profile

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If CHeat left the ACC, there is a meaningful question about whether they would want to re-trench themselves in the Charlotte market, as none of the remaining schools commands any meaningful portion of it, at least not by themselves. CHeat is the lynchpin for that league in the city. I’m not beginning to suggest it would be anything even close to a 1:1 swap as far as eyeballs, but it would give the league a better anchor to have a program located in the Queen City. And the likely largest opponent to that would also be gone.

That is, if the ACC brass is better at geography than the old Observer sports department was.

If you put all the fan enmity aside, it actually makes a ton of sense the more you think about it.

Also, UVA is not an SEC school. They just aren’t. Wrong cultural fit. They’re more like the southern aristocrat cousins of some Big 10 school. VA tech is much closer, though they’re more wannabe than worthy.

Interesting thread from April:

Thamel did mention VA Tech as a possibility. But focused on VA

Formerly, all B1G schools were also AAU members. That changed with Nebraska being added.

I would say presidents still would favor an AAU member over a non-AAU member with all other things being equal.

And UNL was an AAU member up until 2011, so it met the B10 academic criteria at the time it made the move.

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That is the same year they joined the B1G. So the discussion must have been around Nebraska leaving the AAU and joining the B1G and how that brought down the conference :man_shrugging:

FWIW, UNL actually expelled from the AAU, so that came a year after the decision to join the Big Ten, which was made in 2010.

Hypothetically, if SMU or Memphis were to leave who should be the next school to add?

Southern Miss or Boise st if they would join.

Not southern miss. Lol. They bring nothing to the table. Id definitely take boise

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Probably nobody worth adding that would actually join.

I think Aresco brought in extra schools during the last go around in order to protect the confrence. That being said I could see Boise, Liberty or Buffalo being potential canidates. The AAC has a pretty aggresive outlook on spending and many schools can’t match that. The Sunbelt is also an ESPN product and probably will not be a poaching option.

Unpopular opinion but I wouldn’t Be mad about adding liberty. They’re spending themselves to success and if unc can get away with fake classes, then I don’t care if liberty doesn’t offer a real education either.


clt says odu could be an option if we want them

rather stay with the current structure

In what ways does Liberty University not offer a real education?

Yep, the infamous Liberty president scandal had nothing to do with the school’s academics.