Conference Realignment (Part 2)

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This feels a lot like boxing.

It got taken off of network and basic cable because they could suck more money out of the die hards with PPV.

This is gonna suck cause it’s going to be way too expensive.

Am I the only person that still likes the cable package?

My family watches many different channels. It works. What’s the problem???

No, youre not. I have cable with lots of sports, plus i have espn+. Cable and internet together for reasonable rates and literally never goes out.

Oh boy. Wow. Pushing teams out. That would be big. That would be disruptive to the extreme.

Most likely would would see a preference to push out privates. So the state doesn’t get involved.

Example. Pushing Wake or Duke out of the ACC appears to be much easier politically than pushing out NC State.

I know, they wouldn’t want to push out State. Just looking at this as an example.

Random though.

The B12.

If they take a Pac school, they should absolutely pair that school with SDSU.

SDSU has a much higher ceiling than any of the 4C schools except Utah. They also have a much higher ceiling than Stanford Cal Washington State and Oregon state.

I say this because they have done a fantastic job investing and growing their programs in the MWC.

They care about sports.

The smart money adds SDSU if you can get them.

Wonder if he made the comment about money with a straight face? :roll_eyes:

If they go to a 9 game conference schedule surely that unlocks additional payments from their TV partners right? Additional inventory?

If not why do it.

It could only hurt your chances for the playoff.

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ESPN would rather get the ratings from a 9th SEC vs SEC matchup opposed to a SEC vs SoCon.

Smart move for Colorado IMO. Never thought they should have moved to the pac 12 to begin with.

Would be shocked if their primary target outside the PAC12 is not SDSU.

Memphis would be a fine add but doesn’t match the potential of SDSU and also doesn’t give them the pacific time zone they want.


I really hope Memphis gets left out but I can see why there would be interest in adding them. I just hope it doesn’t happen.

So how does this change the realignment strategies going forward?

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clt says how in the world did asu get into the aau? they have an acceptance rate of 88%!

notre dame and gwu make sense, maybe miami

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If Memphis leaves that is not good for us or the AAC.

SDSU is objectively a better add, I think.

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I think the Memphis news is vaporware.

If it’s real. Then the Big12 already knows it’s not getting any other PAC schools or SDSU.

Cause Memphis is going to be there for them. They aren’t going anywhere else.

You don’t add Memphis unless all PAC or more attractive options are exhausted. And even then maybe you wait.

If they added Memphis without waiting to see what happens to the PAC either they plan on going past 16 or they made a mistake.

And yeah it would suck for us.

We need everyone to just stay put for a few years.