Congrats to App. State on their 1AA National Title

I’ll give props to Appalachian State on their title. Was just in Boone today, and it was hoppin! Shows how much a school can get behind their football team no matter what the division level. I think I just became an App. State football fan until we get football…IF we ever get football.

Well its a fact that they have more dollars that we have for athletics…and its a lot easier to raise money in the mountains than in Charlotte …they have that large mountain urban demographic pool to draw dollars from …o well

believe it or not, app state scheduled their LSU and Kansas games just to fund their post-season run, which actually ends up costing them money everytime they compete

I was a great win for them and I was glad to see how much the rest of the State and people who didn’t go there supported them. I went to their final 8 game against SIU and I they had great support on a real shitty day weather wise.