Congrats to Lindsey!

Lindsey Beam gets assist in championship game-winning goal.

Congratulations Lindsey!


thats amazing. she is an incredible player. i’m glad she has done well.

She is coming back next year right? If so, we might be pretty good.

she is…she is only a junior too. From my understanding, she is going to stay all four years as well.

Absolutely incredible! Mucho Congrats Lindsey! Very Nice!!


Lindsey is a sophomore. She has 2 years of eligibility remaining. I expect that we will play the first 5 games next fall without her as she should be in Russia at the World Championships.

Thank you for all of the kind thoughts.

Coach Lipsitz

A 49er Coach on the board…


Don’t be afraid to come back and promote the team and interact with the fans. Too many coaches shy away from talking directly with the fans.

Just looked her up on Looks like she went to the same high school as me in Greer, SC only 6 years behind me.