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I can understand what he’s going through. When I first moved out to LA, I had bouts of vertigo that last for close to 3 months.

There would be times I would be in bed and my head would start spinning until I felt like I could center myself. Other days, my vertigo would induce nauseating vomits just sitting down. Scary part when it happens at the gym on the bench press, had to really watch out.

I went to my physician who checked me out and even had blood work done, results were normal. I went to my eye doctor to see if it was vision related…normal. I went to an ENT, did a number of test, everything normal. Also went to an audiologist, they ran a number of test and even induced my vertigo to see where it could be coming from, all normal.

Till this day, I’m not sure what changed or what caused it but it hasn’t come back. I hope Corey can get back on his feet and the fight with vertigo subsides and goes away.

Let’s go Corey!

Corey (-5) and Jeff (-6) with nice opening rounds to start the Rex tournament in Raleigh.

Curl has played well there before. He must like the course. I believe I followed him in '09.

Good weekend for Jeff Curl finishing tied for 6th at 11 under. Corey Nagy missed the cut by a stroke after a stong opening day was followed by a 4 over par 75.