Cornbread wants the job???

Okay, I haven’t listened to the Packer show in YEARS and today against my better judgment I figured I’d see what they said about us. Well it was brutal to listen to but I heard them saying something about Cornbread saying that he wanted the job. I know that very few on her listen to Packer but did anyone else hear it? It was at about 5:30.

He’s rickrolling. Promise.

I heard it today. I also rarely listen to it but in his words he stated that he would “definitely take the job if it was offered to him”. Hw sounded very serious and also said that he loves UNCC. Now I don’t know much about his history after his playing days in regards to attending Charlotte hoops games or what his feelings have been but today he really seemed interested. Of course, it could all be a ruse and I just fell for it.

Honestly he’d be a bigger disaster than Clyde Drexler at Houston.

Oh I agree completely NLP, DO NOT WANT but I was amazed just to hear it. Even if you ignore the fact that he has absolutely no coaching experience, he’s knocked the program too many times and showed absolutely no love for the niners. Has he been to more than one game in Halton (his bobble-head night)?

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and James Worthy wants to coach UNCCH

move on

[quote=“metro, post:7, topic:22782”]and James Worthy wants to coach UNCCH

move on[/quote]

The difference being Worthy probably hasn’t gone on air trashing the Tar Heels program on different occasions. I laughed when I read they he supposedly said he “loves UNCC.”

I agree, this is a joke, move on to serious considerations.

Cornbread is a joke.

Halton Arena is not big enough to hold his ego.

cornbread once stated he was never dunked on

James Worthy Posterizes Cedric Maxwell vs.Celtics ['84 Finals]

I was listening yesterday. John Kilgo said that he had spoken with two very good coaches that would be interested in the job. He said they both thought Charlotte was a sleeping giant.

As far Maxwell, it would not hurt for Charlotte to talk to him. What if Maxwell got Robert Parish as one of his assistants.

I wonder if Judy would even talk to him? I wish she would.

Did anyone else hear? Kevin Sorbo said that he’d be interested in starring role for the new Martin Scorsese film.

Everytime I have ever listen to Cornbread, he’s acted like he’s the best thing that ever happened to Charlotte and takes shots at the school. I don’t want him coaching here.


Quality dude!

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[quote=“switchfoot, post:15, topic:22782”]Everytime I have ever listen to Cornbread, he’s acted like he’s the best thing that ever happened to Charlotte and takes shots at the school.[/quote]I can assure you he did not take us to the Final 4 by himself. We had another eventual 1st Round Draft Pick on that team too (Chad Kinch), and the other 3 starters were good too.

He was a force in his time and you all have to recall he got a NBA Finals MVP as a Celtic (1981). He was a force. I was there. Now that said, I don’t think he’s sharp, coach-wise and probably would be a lousy choice to replace Lutz.

I would easily take Delonte over Cornbread any day. Taking a top recruit with you to another job to make more money hurt our program FAR less than Cornbread running his f***ing mouth against his own alma mater on a constant basis.