COVID-19 detected in residence hall

The University’s wastewater testing has detected the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in its routine sampling in one residence hall.

UNC Charlotte is not identifying the residence hall for the privacy of its residents, but all residents and staff of the hall have received information directly from Housing and Residence Life.

Per established protocols, all residents are required to remain in the building until they can be tested for COVID-19 on Friday afternoon.

During this time, all residents of the building are required to remain in place except to pick up to-go meals, accept meal delivery and attend medical appointments.

At this time, no residents of the residence hall have reported symptoms of a COVID-19-related illness, and no additional residence halls are affected at this time.

Residents will remain under this directive until their test results are returned approximately 24 hours after specimen collection. Those testing positive or identified as a close contact of anyone who tests positive will be placed in quarantine/isolation in accordance with the University’s on-campus quarantine/isolation protocols.

In an effort to further protect the campus community, UNC Charlotte is using wastewater testing because studies have indicated it can identify the presence of SARS-CoV-2 days before symptoms appear.

Random thought: legally, can they confine students? Seems borderline kidnapping unless there are emergency powers in the law.

EDIT: I suppose they could have amended the housing contract prior to this such that confinement is agreed upon, but that’s just speculation.

Not sure the situation at Charlotte, but a lot of schools include quarantining when requested as behavior expected in the student code of conduct (basically a campus safety issue).

Right you are. This is incorporated by reference into the Code of Student Responsibility:

It may be in the code but I doubt it is legal. If they want to leave and go home I don’t think they could legally stop them. Could certainly expel them, however.

Yes, they couldn’t detain them, but could charge them with breaking the code and whatever penalties that would entail. Similar to other non-illegal but prohibited activities.

They can pickup Togo food and attend doc appts so I don’t think they are being locked inside. It’s a general rule and if they are caught playing basketball then maybe get in trouble. Seems reasonable.

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It’s probably for the best that I’m not in the dorms right now… Would have been running around with a guy fawks mask on chalking campus :rofl:

…and pooping taco bell

Of course it’s HoHouse!

Virus gonna Virus :microbe: