crowd sourcing DONT LEAVE

I am starting a Crowd Sourcing Site to pay these young guys to stay here and not transfer (which seems to be the rage)

if you donate you will get a big green button that says PLEASE STAY so you can wear it to the next game

the money will be delivered to the players via a brown paper bag next time they venture in the cafe.

Have you seen halton attendance this season? You may be able to give the players McDonald’s bucks.

How many fantasy dollars will it take?

clt says hand out ja rule mixtapes.

You may want to hire a consultant from chapel hill to come in and help get this effort off the ground they have years of experience with this kind of work.

My guess is those consultants may also recommend… FAKE CLASSES! It seems to have worked quite well in chapel hill.

We’re a DMX school now.

I dont expect them to leave for a few reasons. The big 3 are getting playing time, they came here to play with this coach and I don’t think Price was giving them bullshit lines to get them here. We might see some of the other guys transfer - but hopefully the days of us losing key rotational players every year are behind us.

When you look at our roster, if you assume that Davis/White/Scott are all happy and staying, then there are not many players that are really candidates for transferring. Camidge may be the most likely. Benas might want to transfer, but he would lose a year if he did. I can see him just going back overseas and playing pro ball instead. Blakely is going to be a senior, and few programs would give him two years of scholarship for one year of play. If he wants minutes then Div II would be his most likely option. I can’t see anyone else considering it.

Camidge is the one that makes sense to me. Time at his position is going to be hard to come by.

Benas could transfer down a division and play right away. I’d like to see him stay and get some intestinal fortitude added to his skill set.

I cannot help but think that Benkavic might have found some minutes this year if he had come back. A spot up three-point shooter that would pull his man outside opening up the lane for more slashing to the basket. A role player to be sure, but probably a better fit than he was before.

I think intestinal fortitude is the main thing he needs. With it, I think he brings us some inside help next year.

I disagree with benk seeing minutes. Not sure whose minutes he would take unless players were in foul trouble. He lacks quickness and athleticism to be a 2 or 3, especially on defensive end.