Curt is burned out

I don’t know if this has been discussed but I think the long competitive summer of ball is starting to show on our stud. If my man had no summer and is dealing with a four year old I think he needs a long vacation week away from books and ball. I say let him sleep from tomorrow til the 6th and wake him refreshed for the next two month run. He just looks like he is the walking dead. He has always had that lazy look but it seems like he is really dragging lately along with his play.

I have to agree. Curt isn’t the same guy I saw play last year. He’s never been an emotional guy but he just seems lathargic out there. He may be burned out.

I wonder if all the pre-season hype has put more pressure on him than usual?

Hope he gets over it if he is, we need him, bad.

I’m burned out too!

I have been working 60 hour weeks for 3 years and there is a lot of stress. Yes, I get my 3 weeks of vacation but that isn’t enough. I’m going to ask my boss if I can go home and sleep until February. Then I’ll be well rested for the rest of the year. Woe is me.

What a friggin joke.

If a multimillion dollar salary next year isn’t enough to keep Curt motivated and playing hard then sit his ass down and give the minutes to someone else. Nut up Curt, and let’s stop making excuses for this kid. He has the talent and if he doesn’t have the heart then screw him.

Well put NUN. Cripes when I was 24 I went for 3-4 days with no rest busting my butt to make something of myself, and I was non the worse for the wear. And I did’nt have a potential 7 figure salary egging me on. If Curt can’t stand up to this, then forget the NBA with it’s looong seasons.

I think Curt is fine -> He needs to focus and put the hammer down.

I am getting a little tired of hearing negative comments about Withers.

Last night he was 7-12 from the floor, 1-1 on ft’s, nine rebounds, several assists and only one turnover.

What are you guys wanting?

I get more tired of Plavich’s jacked up off balance threes…at least last night
he quit shooting them.

Another thing, I am far from a rah rah guy, I can positive negative with the best of them, but we are 9-2 Lutz teams rarely start like this, so lighten up and enjoy the season.

On a lighter side, when you all come to g vegas let me know, contrary to public opinion it is not a dirty little town but actually quite nice.

Just to clarify, I am not necessarily being negative on Withers. I just don’t want to hear that he is tired or not motivated. He just needs to do his job.

Anyone who can drink beer like that is ok…

Withers will be fine I am sure he is feelig a little pressure this year

Curtis sure as hell didn’t look burned out tonight.
He had one of the worst beasting of a shotblock I’ve ever seen put on another player.

Looked pretty good last night :slight_smile:

That’s too bad. He was named MVP of the Cable Car Classic last night. I wonder what he could have done if he wuzzn’t all burnt out?

4 double doubles in the last 6 games, he’s really struggling!

I do see the concern, he has been lost out there at times and he got off to a terrible start and really hasn’t been dominant in a big way yet this year. We get a long break before the ECU game, I think it will do the whole team a lot of good, especially Curt. Take some time to rest and come out blazing against ECU(and maybe maintain it for more than 5-8 minutes!). We are playing just well enough to win right now, regardless of who we play, I expect our guys will step up more as we get into tough conference games. Curt can obviously play better, but he’s playing his way out of the funk with some double doubles recently, hopefully whatever was wrong early is in the past.