CUSA Basketball Tournament to Myrtle Beach?


Rumor from the CUSA board the the 2019-2020 basketball tournament will be in Myrtle Beach. Short trip for many Niner fans. Hopefully we are decent by then.


Now I could go for that for sure !


MB? Is coastal carolina in the conference now? If it goes there, I’ll go for sure.


They are not in our conference.


Was just sarcastically kidding. I know they’re not.


My guess games would be played in the Myrtle Beach Convention Center possibility with a two court setup like in Frisco, TX.



clt would prefer Charleston. Myrtle beach is suited for appy fans.


Agreed…that set up in the pic sucks !


That’s worse than some high schools. Good God!


I have no details about what they are thinking, but agree that the picture looks terrible. Having the tournament on the campus of Coastal Carolina would seem like we were just throwing in the towel, but at least they have actual facilities.

They play basketball in their fairly new (2012) HTC Center. It seats 3,212. How many people actually go to our tournament?

They also have Kimbel Arena, their old facility, which seats 1039. This should be plenty for the women’s tournament, at least up to the Championship game. Right?


In the late '90-early '00s, my daughters were involved in competition dance. The “finals” were held in Myrtle Beach at least twice. The set up was the same as is shown in the picture a few posts earlier. Instead of a basketball court, there was a smaller stage for dancers and a little platform with a podium and microphone.

The set up shown above would look terrible on tv unless someone could create some computer generated graphics to make it seem there were stands on both sides of the court.




Good suggestion. Orlando would be a great place for the tournament.


clt always appreciates the gps coordinates. Makes navigation in the zep easier.


With the CIAA tournament leaving the city of Charlotte after 2020. The city should bid for the 2021 CUSA tournament. Halton, a renovated Bojangles Coliseum, and the Spectrum Center could all host men’s and women’s games. Charlotte may have a better shot making the NCAA tournament if we are the host.


Maybe the new hotel will be open. Teams could stay on campus and shuttle between campus and Spectrum using light rail.