For what it’s worth…
Pitino said as of right now Garcia would finish 5th or 6th in CUSA player of the year and that 2 of Charlotte’s players would finish 1 and 2 right now. Also, said he thought Charlotte was the best TEAM in the conference, but we had the best 5.

Wooo hooo! Thats what im talking about!

Thanks TegaCay for passing that along.

TegaCay, I agree that Eddie Basden as been in the hunt for C-USA POY all season long and that Curtis Withers has certainly lived up to his preseason accolades with his play over the past 6 games.

As far as a list of candidates for POY based on the entire season, I’d go with these half dozen:

Eddie Basden, Charlotte
Erik Hicks, Cincinnati
Quemont Greer, DePaul
Francisco Garcia, Louisville
Travis Diener, Marquette
Rodney Carney, Memphis

I am suprised to find how close Erick Hicks and Basden are statistically. Both are averaging over 30 minutes a game, Hicks has 14.2 points a game to Basden’s 15, and both are averaging a little over 8 boards. Basden seems to seperate himself on assists and steals. I think Basden would get POY as of right now, but Hicks and others can make a strong case down the stretch. Also, there is not telling how much better Hicks would be doing if cinci didn’t have issues at the guard position with Muhammad, he seems to be hurting their chances as of late.

Greer should be getting more pub. 20 and 7 is very nice.