Daniel Gray - DB - UT Transfer

Lets be real, when it comes to recruiting and transfers I only know about Charlotte and Tennessee (some SEC) since that’s where I am… On that note:

Rising sophomore Daniel Gray is transferring from UT. He’s a DB – started 1 game at corner last year as a Freshman and played in 8 games. FL kid though, so I don’t know what our chances would be. Would be nice to pick up a CB with some SEC experience - didn’t see to many stops at the spring game against our starting QB (I know that would be 2nd string on D, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been stopped). As a 3-star guy who isn’t cutting it on a weak SEC-defense it’s hard for me to think he’s going to go to another major BCS program. DB is a place we’re thin at UT right now, so IDK what the reason for leaving would be. Would definitely help at FCS and FBS level though.

RIVALS: 3-star

SCOUT: 3-star

247 and 247-composite: 3-star

I’ll also take this opportunity to point out the 247 composite ranking… It’s my favorite because it is an average of all the major recruiting websites rankings (Scout, Rivals, 247)

I’m not sure if Charlotte’s on his radar, but that would be a monster signing if so. Just a sophomore so would be around for the transition to FCS. He was pushed back on the depth chart, but don’t know if that’s why he’s leaving.

As a life long Tennessee fan…the last place the Vols need losses is in the secondary, but if he is gonna leave come here! :slight_smile:

Has he expressed interest or is this just us living in a fantasy land? I can never tell with these threads.

Word from the Tennessee people is he’s heading to Miami (or the Miami area).

I wouldn’t call it fantasy land… but I thought I would throw it out there. It’s more fun to talk about recruits, potentials, or anything other than our transfers/student fees/athletic donations

I’ll never do it again, Hoon… :-[

Well…my Tennessee peops were wrong, he’s transfering to Utah State.