Dare we say it?

#14 Alabama loses (17-4)

#17 Cincinnati loses (17-5)

#18 Texas loses (15-6)

#19 Wisconsin loses (15-5)

#23 Georgia Tech loses (13-7)

#24 Maryland loses (13-7)

ORV Charlotte wins (15-4)

and the day is only halfway over. I’ll trade a UAB win over Louisville for a spot in the poll. Fla. took our spot anyway.

maryland and ga tech should drop out and we could easily slide into the poll. i hope so.

Yes, go ahead and say it. We will be in the ORV category. This simply makes up/balances out the debacle at ECU. We will need a couple more wins to follow this one up to be ranked.

We could possibly squeak in because of so many teams losing but I’m just beyond worrying about it anymore. Just give me a win on Wednesday and a much needed win up at Saint Louis and I’ll be thrilled. With that said, I won’t be surprised if we’re #25 on Monday.

I think we’ll lead the ORV.

Who gives a $#@ about the Top 25 or the ORV? To quote Al Davis … JUST WIN BABY !! Everything else will fall into place.

i think cincy will have a tough time being in the top 25, and being that we won most recently. We make squeak in.

No, we daren’t.