Darren Buchanan Jr. - 2022 SF - transferred to GW

Niners have offered 6-7 SF Darren Buchanan Jr. of Woodrow Wilson HS in Washington DC.






Per this Zags piece, we’ve been interested in Buchanan for a while now:

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So we’re recruiting him in basketball and football?

Sorry, misread that as he was a running back.

Looks like Niners could be making Buchanan a priority:

Looks like Panthers are the frontrunner here:



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Nice alley-oop dunk! :+1:

Looks like we’re still involved:

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Would be surprised if he committed to the Hoyas with Ewing being on the hottest of seats among P6 coaches!

Niners didn’t make the cut:

Stuck on the Georges. Should have considered Norm

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Proof that the idea that a coach needs to be secure and on a five year contract to land recruits is an absolute myth.

You don’t have to be but it helps immensely. Makes the selling job to kids more difficult if you are looking at last year or two of your deal. Kids don’t ever sign with the school just the coach.

Now with kids being able to leave and not sit out with the rule changes the contract maybe doesn’t matter so much. Coach gets fired they can leave without penalty.

Makes me wonder though if that now makes admin more conservative firing a coach. The majority of your roster can now just up and leave.