Darryl Garrett - 2006

JUCO player at Schoolcraft (Marcus Bennett and current potential target James Davis)
6’4" 185 lb shoot guard.

Originally committed to Xavier, but played his freshman year at Eastern Michigan to stay closer to home. He was a frequent starter who managed “11.9 points a game along with 3.3 rebounds. From the field, Darryl made 41 percent of his shot attempts, 34 percent of his three-point attempts and 74 percent of his free throws.” A coaching change following the season prompted him to transfer to Schoolcraft to play his sophomore season.

Charlotte, USC, Nebraska, SDSU, and Tennessee are showing the most interest, with Minnesota, UNLV, and Wyoming also showing interest.

Source for the article was a Schoolcraft assistant coach.

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[b]Two players left the program after the season: shooting guard [b]Darryl Garrett [/b]and point guard Rico Harris.

Garrett’s transfer to Schoolcraft Community College was somewhat of a surprise, but he might have had difficulty retaining his academic eligibility had he stayed with the Eagles. Garrett encountered difficulty last season in meshing into the structured playing style of former coach Jim Boone.[/b]

Link: Eastern Michigan Team Report
[b]Six players left the team from last year, including starters Markus Austin, James Jackson and Michael Ross, who had used all of their eligibility. Dan Redder transferred to Grand Valley State and [b]last year's top recruits, Darryl Garrett[/b] and Rico Harris, [b]were dismissed by the University for academic reasons. Garrett has since enrolled at Schoolcraft College.[/b][/b]
Link: [url=http://www.easternecho.com/cgi-bin/story.cgi?2957]Eastern Echo[/url]
[b]Basketball: Guard Darryl Garrett, who averaged 11.9 points as a freshman last season at Eastern Michigan, will transfer to Schoolcraft College, a junior college in Livonia. Garrett became academically ineligible at EMU, but Schoolcraft coach Carlos Briggs said Garrett's problems are "nothing that can't be fixed." Briggs added: "He'll have a chance to go back to Eastern, or higher than Eastern."[/b]
Link: [url=http://www.freep.com/sports/othersports/metro14e_20050514.htm]Detroit Free Press[/url]

SG? is our coaching staff tone deaf?