David Scott 6-21-18 (Garcia and Bailey)




Lets just say David Scott doesn’t sound optimistic about Lambert’s future here.


True…but lets also say David Scott is about as “in tune” as any of us (no more or less).


The PAPN podcast (entertaining podcast btw) recently touched on Lambert as one of the most likely coaches to get fired mid-season.



Good grief, that David Scott interview was horrible, can Mike Hill fix that problem also and get rid of that loser.


Hough High (now alumnus) golfer Ben Woodruff has qualified for the 71st U.S. Junior Amateur, which is in New Jersey in July. Ben shot a round of 66 (!!) to finish second in a qualifier at the Country Club of Salisbury this week. Woodruff is a Charlotte 49er recruit


That’s great. We need golf back into a top 10 program annually.