Davidson to get Jordan, Curry

[QUOTE=hky49er;223703]Davidson.s attendance was the highest this year in history as a result of Curry and WINNING games.[/QUOTE]

hky, are you sure about this? What about during the Lefty Driesell/Terry Holland days when Davidson played a number of its home games at the original Charlotte Coliseum (currently Cricket Arena). I remember going to the old CC as a youth to watch the Wildcats take down a #11 South Carolina team that included future NBA player and coach Brian Winters. I point that out because little did I know then that I would later watch his son – Brendan – play for the Davidson Wildcats!

Please refer to my apology 5 hours ago to HP49er. I was wrong! What I don’t know I tend to make up. However as to Davidsons’ attendance, I work for a company that has bought 25 seasons tickets a year and only averaged useing 4 of them a year untill the past two years. Many other companies do the same. This year people WERE in the seats so the figures quoted about tickets sold is misleading. As to attendance during the Lefty Drissell era, again you are right and attendance then was higher than recent years but that was almost 40 YEARS AGO!.

I think what he is trying to point out is that the last few years Davidson is out performing and out recruiting us, which is very sad, and we need to start getting some decent recruits. If thats his position, I can’t disagree with any of it.

I personally think MJ’s son would be the biggest boost a bench warmer has ever made to our program… but do you make the sacrifice to sign him?

Regarding Davidson’s attendance… it’s good to see they’re finally getting out of that 1000-2000 per game category, but I’m not sure how many fans they’re gonna convince to buy season tickets for those bleacher seats.

I do not understand some of the logic you guys are using. You are questioning is it worth it to sign a guy to sit on the bench(which I doubt would happen with Jordan around and if new people are coming to the arena they might want to see Jordan play when they get there) to give us a boost in other areas when we sign guys all the time that sit on the bench or deserve to sit on the bench at a decent D1 school (J Lewis, Phaler, Co. Williams, etc.).

Well, that settles it. Let’s sign Jordan Jr., let him play EVERY minute of EVERY game for the ENTIRE four years he’s a Niner. While we’re at it, let’s set aside a section of Halton Arena for the Michael Jordan gawkers. If we’re lucky, maybe we can schedule the second coming of Jesus Christ for a half-time show as well!


That is going to leave a mark.

[QUOTE=Mike_Persinger;223738]Davidson this year:

– Southern Conference rookie of the year in Curry.
– Despite huge losses from last year’s team, conference regular-season champ.
– Conference tournanent champ.
– Attendance, both paid and fannies in the seats, up over a year ago.
– Going to the NCAA tournament.
– All their kids will graduate, because all of them have since McKillop got there.

I’d say they’ll take it.[/QUOTE]

According to this study just released on ESPN.com, they graduate 75% of their players between 96-99. Not quite all of them.


[QUOTE=Cornbread;224208]According to this study just released on ESPN.com, they graduate 75% of their players between 96-99. Not quite all of them.


Mike’s job is to not let facts get in the way of a good story.

According to McKillop’s bio page…

All this winning hasn't come at any academic sacrifice, as 95 percent of his Davidson lettermen have graduated.
Davidson.edu: [b][url=http://www3.davidson.edu/cms/x13479.xml]Bob McKillop[/url][/b]