Deadline for 49er Club Donations is June 30

Those of you in the 49er Club have already gotten or will shortly be getting your reminder letter regarding donations to the 49er Club, as well as a summary of what you have donated this fiscal year. The deadline to contribute in order for those contributions to count towards the 2005-2006 men’s basketball priority seating is June 30, 2005.

Those of you not in the 49er Club that wish to join, you have the same deadline as far as the money counting towards your priority seating for the 2005-2006 men’s basketball season tickets. Click on the link below in my signature to view the benefits of joining the 49er Club. Most will tell you that the $49 minimum gift is well worth it just for the parking benefits alone. If you have kids, the halftime hospitality is much better than the high-dollar concessions, also. Every little bit helps, so if you aren’t a member consider joining for the continued betterment of our athletic program.

How much money does the 49er club raise and how do we compare to other schools?

Not nearly enough, I don’t have the exact $$$ figures but only 85% of the scholarships allowed by the NCAA is being provided for by the 49er Club. If the money was available, 20 more student athletes would be on scholarship here.

Comparison to other schools… ha! Cincinnati and Louisville have somewhere close to 8000 members each, UNC Chapel Hill has over 13000 members NC State 14000, while Clemson has a whopping 22,600 members, raising over $10.5 million yearly.

[i]Originally posted by HP49er[/i]@May 2 2005, 11:11 PM [b] .................... Clemson has a whopping 22,600 members, raising over $10.5 million yearly. [/b]
It's cause they have a cool name- Iptay. Everyone wants to be a part of it cause of the name. :rolleyes:
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[b]QUOTE[/b] (lutz9er @ May 3 2005, 12:44 AM)
<!--QuoteBegin-HP49er[/i]@May 2 2005, 11:11 PM [b] .................... Clemson has a whopping 22,600 members, raising over $10.5 million yearly. [/b] It's cause they have a cool name- Iptay. Everyone wants to be a part of it cause of the name. :rolleyes:[/b][/quote] Yes, IPTAY...

I Pay Two Athletes a Year

which leads to

It’s Probation Time Again, Y’all!

My favorite was I Plow Ten Acres Yearly.

IPTAY has an interesting early history…

[b]IPTAY is widely regarded as the father of athletic fundraising. The IPTAY Scholarship Fund traces its roots to the 1930s. Dr. Rupert Fike is credited with being the originator of IPTAY, but the seed that Dr. Fike needed for his now much-envied group was planted there by then Head Football Coach Jess Neely.

On October 16, 1931, Clemson suffered a surprising 6-0 loss against The Citadel in a game played in Florence, SC. After the game, Captain Frank J. Jervey, Head Coach Jess Neely, assistant coach Joe Davis and Captain Pete Heffner of the university military staff met in a car outside the stadium to discuss ways Clemson could help its football program get back on track. The meeting started the ball rolling towards the establishment of the IPTAY Foundation. Clemson would score just three touchdowns and win just one game during the 1931 season.

Soon Fike came into the picture through correspondence with Jervey. Jervey wanted to form the “50 ($50) Club” but Fike wanted a smaller amount, which he thought, would mean more members and more money. Neely believed that if he could get $10,000 a year, he could give the Clemson fans a winning football team.

Then in 1934, Dr. Fike wrote his now famous letter to Neely, stating “Last night we had a little meeting at our house and organized the IPTAY club.” So began Clemson’s athletic support group, which in those days, stood for “I Pay Ten A Year.” At this time the purpose of IPTAY was “to provide annual financial support to the athletic department at Clemson, and to assist in every way possible to regain for Clemson the high athletic standing which rightfully belongs to her.”

The organization was first established as a secret organization and initial membership dues were set at $10.00 a year (I Pay Ten A Year). A little more than $1,600.00 came into the coffers the first year of IPTAY, even in the heart of the Great Depression. Some payments were made in the form of barter. Milk, sweet potatoes, turnip greens and the like were accepted in the initial efforts to build membership.

The excitement about the organization carried over into the 1934 season and the Tigers ran to their first winning season since 1930. Clemson had gone 0-5-1 against Furman and South Carolina in those years, then defeated both teams in 1934. The fruits of the labor really began to pay off in 1938, said former Clemson publicist Joe Sherman. In 1938, Clemson went 8-1-1 and the following season, Neely coached Clemson to its first bowl game, the 1940 Cotton Bowl, where the Tigers capped a 9-1-0 season by beating Boston College and Hall of Fame Coach Frank Leahy 6-3. Clemson ended the season ranked 12th in the final Associated Press poll, its first top 20 season in history. Boston College was ranked 11th going into the game and it was Clemson’s first win over a top 20 team in its history.

With over 22,600 members in 2003 fiscal year, the organization plays a major role in ensuring that all 19 of the varsity sports at Clemson are given the maximum amount of scholarships offered by the NCAA. IPTAY donors have contributed over $168 million since the inception of IPTAY, including over $10.5 million in 2003 fiscal year.[/b]

How many members does the 49er club have?

Why can’t we do something like IPTAY? I figure more people may give if the amount requested is lower. It be more of a quantity thing versus fewer people given larger amounts. We don’t have to call it IPTAY of course but it’s worth a try with so many young alumni out there.

Already in the works is a young alumni push beginning with graduation. But… we already know how strong (overall) the student support is other than for the select few who frequent here.

Just a reminder in case you have forgotten. You can join the 49er Club at any time, but for that contribution to count towards next year’s season ticket seating you have to join by June 30, 2005.


Niners UNited towards sucess

Student membership in “Niner Nation Gold” (I don’t know much about it, an organization formed by the 49er Club is all I know) may have an effect on priority points for student seating this upcoming year. Kids will join for the seats and hopefully it will get them firmilar with the 49er Club and lead to increased membership in future years.

I just graduated and I have no clue about the 49er Club and how to join or why I would want to join other than reading a little about it here. It was not mentioned in the packet we got during the graduation. Basically it’s not very well advertised.