DeCourcy's "Top 10" Conferences Scouting the top 10 conferences

FWIW, doesn’t really say anything and he doesn’t even mention the Niners at all.

Can I get some action on the PAC-10 finishing above CUSA? That’s a ridiculous reach. They have about 3 teams worth a snot. Maybe 4 if you count ASU and Cal.

The PAC-10 shouldn’t be ranked this high if montgomery were still at Stanford. Ever notice these pac-10 teams with the 0 or 1 loss records alway suck at tourney time, maybe because their conference is weak. When the best players to come out of the pac-10 as of late are the collins twins and curtis borchardt, you know your overrated. At least they put the big ten where it belongs, if one more person kisses tom izzo’s ass for accomplishments past i will puke.