Demon Brown

When alumni Demon Brown and Rolanda Gabriel met in a course at UNC Charlotte in 1999, they discovered a mutual interest — the desire to give back to their community. Ongoing conversations planted the seeds for what would become a successful professional venture and asset to the University and its students more than a decade later.

Now the proprietors of Be Well Therapy, PLLC, a Charlotte-based professional counseling service, they contribute every day to the health and well-being of children, adults and families from all over the region.

Demon is the man. His transformation from a wild freshman to the man he is today is pretty amazing. I first met him when I was in high school, and through my dad always covering the games I would get to chat with the players after games on a regular basis, and it was amazing to see how much he changed over the years. I’m so glad to see him turn his horrific past experiences into something so positive. I’m also glad that he has stayed so involved in Niners basketball.

You’re the man Demon!

I was not around for the Demon years but he sounds like a great representative of the University and I wish him well in all his future ventures!

Is he a counselor?

Either way, I hope the level of Niner respect he garners will inspire you people into taking your recoveries more seriously.

Either way, I hope the level of Niner respect he garners will inspire you people into taking your recoveries more seriously.[/quote]

Put down the whiskey and go gather the fishing supplies. We’ve got some sharks to catch.

Seemed like a nice guy, just apparently liked guns. Always good to hear somebody is doing something positive with their lives and he was definitely an exciting player.

He drove around in a sick red Mercedes

I THINK Rodney White bought him that car, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

Demon was awesome!! Man, it would be nice to have another player with his type of talent and grit. He was a hard nosed PG. Good job Demon!

Good story, would like to hear more about him.

I remember the day he was in trouble and suspended, we were on national tv, and Lutz stood up and went to bat for Demon on national tv. Something you don’t see, Lutz really stuck up for him and said people don’t understand how he grew up and where he came from, that was Lutz explaining the situation, really stuck up for him. You don’t see that a lot in college sports, it was not politically correct because lutz asked for empathy.

Can we assume Demon’s counseling skills couldn’t help Mr Spears?

The drama with Shamari makes me appreciate the guys like Demon that much more. Nice to have guys like him in our corner.

I still remember Demon dropping by the hospitality suite before a game his senior year. He walked up and shook my hand with a professional acting attitude.