Depth & Inside Game

After watching the last three weeks of the season I think it’s evident that our biggest problems (outside of Iti) are lack of depth and no inside presence other than Withers. :blink:

I am strongly agreeing with you. We do need an inside force to run with the big dogs. Cutis Wither can handle but so much. All of a sudden we were behind. Then here comes the three points. If our “guns” were a little cold, or the hole was a little deep. We we would take a nose dive. I hope Nance and Iti would work hard over the summer and provide the team with the lack of inside force. I got a little sick of the "live by the three " theory. Plavich was big help with quite a few games this year.i.e. as far as winning besides keeping the score within reach. But, the truth is we still need a big improvement on the inside to go places.

I agree with this. We needed someone to help Curt inside. A 6’8" athletic rebounder, ie what Dedric Spooner was supposed to bring last year. Also, I think Baldwin, Plavich and Goldwire are good players and solid guys but you just aren’t going to do much damage in the NCAA tournament with that trio. It’s a guard’s game and we were average at best, the second part of the year.