Desmond Cooper invited to Jaguars Rookie Camp

Player #2 gets a NFL rookie camp invite. Congrats Desmond and good luck!

Congrats Desmond Cooper. Invited to Jacksonville Jaguars mini camp. Joins Daniel Blitch (Panthers) as first 49ers invited to NFL camp.
David Scott @davidscott14 Former @Charlotte49ers safety Desmond Cooper signing with Jaguars this afternoon. Will have story up in a few hours.

Congats to Cooper. We are proud of you.

Awesome news! What does that mean though? He makes team that heads to training camp and has to get through all the cuts right?

Yep, he made the 90 man roster that will go to training camp. The roster will be cut down to 53 players before the first regular season game.

Did a search to check on how Des was doing at Jags Camp. Not much out there but I found this little blurb:

*S Desmond Cooper hit TE Clay Harbor a little too hard during 7-on-7, drawing the attention of coach Gus Bradley.

Jags released their depth chart and Des is currently the 3rd FS listed.

Would be a little surprised if he makes the roster, but if he has hung around this long, I’d say he has a very good shot of at least making a practice squad and getting another chance next year.

Jags vs Steelers on Friday night. Replay on NFL Network at 1:00pm Saturday.

clt asks if being a jag really counts as our first nfl player?

On the same level as one of our players transferring to an SEC school.

I’m still pissed the Panthers didn’t at least give Blitch a chance at Training Camp.

Why are you pissed at the Panthers? They at least gave him a chance during OTAs, 31 other teams haven’t even considered it.

OTA’s is NOT a chance. Training Camp is a chance. At least give the local fans a chance to root him on at something open to the public.

If you’re an UDFA (like Blitch) impressing in OTAs is what gets you a training camp invite. That’s how Coop got an invite and even Malcom Butler started that way (last year’s Super Bowl MVP).

I would love to see him on a team too (especially the Panthers) but it is what it is.

Cooper did a podcast with a local guy in Jacksonville. Haven’t listened to it yet, so don’t know what it’s like, but figured I would post it here.

Cooper was drafted into the new MLFB league recently. Games start in April.

With the 373rd pick (Round 47) in the #MLFBDraft, Buddy Geis selects Desmond Cooper, DB | UNC Charlotte

Each player, regardless of talent or backstory, will earn $3,000 per win and $2,000 per loss.

Do you think we could pay our Cost of Attendence money out like that? :wink:

MLFB also has 2 year deal with ASN , so maybe we will get to see Coop in a couple games.