Deuce and a Half Tailgate Rig

Been browsing for good tailgate rig for a bit. Now that I’m an alumni with a decent job I figured I could go buy something good and stop tailgating with just a bunch of random crap. Want something kinda iconic or at least memorable like Dibble’s ambulance.

What are you guy’s thoughts on a Deuce and a half? I’ve seen one set up like a tailgate rig before and I figure I could spray paint it 49 different shades of green for the camo. Have a grill speakers and maybe even a covered area up top. Any thoughts or other ideas?

They may class that as “oversized parking” and put you in Lot 25 (Red).

Good thought, any idea what gets you into that oversized catagory? Can’t be that much bigger than a f350 dually and I’ve seen several of those in the regular lots.

I imagine if it can’t fit in a single spot.

One day I wanna do like this.

Ahh a double decker would be awesome! Just having some unique tailgating rigs definitely brings more character to our tailgates.

clt says you better convert that to an ev soon

Yeah single spot is a big thing they sold me on the ambulance vs other options. Right now it isn’t a big deal as our lots have space but hopefully some day they will be an issue.

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Makes sense, I’m set on anything. Just would love to do more than me Jeep for tailgating.

Sadly, to do more we need more time!

An old Volkswagen van is something I thought would be awesome.

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Someone has a green school bus. Anyone know if they had to buy more than one parking spot?

Not sure, where do they park it at? A school bus is pretty cool! I’ve seen some for cheap and there is tons of space for tailgating and gear in those things.

The guy with the green school bus parked in the blue lot for the App game.

I looked into those. I’m gonna need another promotion before that. I can’t believe how expensive working condition VW vans are.

i left a deuce and a half this morning at the house

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The mini bus comes to blue lot. They, like my ambulance, currently take up multiple spots, however if they ever enforce spacing he will have to go to silver lot as it can’t fit in a standard spot.

I saw an old International Harvester Metro van up in Concord a while back. Though it was pretty sweet in general. To deck it out in Charlotte colors would be sweet too

There was a mini bus at UT that looked like it fit into one spot. I could be off on that though, it was a great tailgate.