Dick "bandwagon" Vitale elected to the Hall of Fame

Wow. My next trip to Massachusetts to see family I wanted to visit the place, now I will not. He is such a joke.

Didn’t know if I should start a new thread but figured I will just add this here.

Good article, can’t say I disagree with him. I saw this first hand when Vitale ran into the visitors locker room in Halton when Pitinio and the Cardinals were in town. He is a suck up.


The other day Jim Nance was on WFAN and they were talking to him about the NCAA Championship game and there was the rumor that Billy Packer was calling it quits and that was why he (other than his reference to the 1957 Kansas team in OT) did such a good job that Monday night, also it was brought up on how Dick Vitale is going to the HOF while Packer isn’t and Vitale never even worked a Final Four game, while Packer had over 100, and the fact that Packer was a really good bball player and Vitale nothing of note in playing or coaching. Nance said it was simple, but he didn’t know until he found out Vitale was making it and questioned it (for the most part), and the only way one can make the HOF is someone has to write a letter to endorse you’re selection to the HOF. ESPN recommended Vitale for the HOF and he got in that way.

Love or hate Packer, he should be in way before Vitale.