Dickie V, how about Withers and Plavich?!

ESPN.com: Dynamic duos pack 1-2 punch


Dukie V is a moron. Always has been. He has no clue about basketball outside of the bigger schools.

I’m so sick of him.

“Dick” is aptly named, but if we can win regularly AFTER we get into The Dance, then maybe he and others will notice. Until then, …? :rolleyes:

Dickie V’s research priorities, research big east and ACC for basketball story, include Kansas, find way to incorporate Duke with focus given to J.J. Redick. He is a moron who might as well read a USA today on air as his “in depth analysis.” I know that we are not as recognized, but it’s his job to know as much as possible, at least we show up on Katz’s and Doyle’s radar, Dickie V has become a basketball snob, he gives it up to programs based on tradition, much like a certain fudge packer’s father.

To critique Dickie V’s story, stoudamire for arizona is a terrific scorer but wasn’t Frye a disappointment last year? Isn’t he built in the loren woods mold, sheepish?

Sorry I don’t think I see anyone on that list that Plav could take the place of. Withers is as good as any of them, but until Plav starts having more than one out of three decent games, he can’t expect to get the national props. There is alot more to basketball than shoot 25 footers as well, hopefully we’ll see a little more rounded game this year from Plav.(though I will say I think he’s give way to much props to Fransico and Dean).

Guys, if Dickie V is such a moron, then why are we upset that he didn’t mention a Niner? :unsure: :stuck_out_tongue: