Dickie V showing us some love

Well its good to see that we are getting some preseason talk from a lot of well respected sports analysis. Vitale says we are one of his top 5 teams to watch.


We have all this hype coming from these respectable people in college basketball (Katz, Vitale, etc…), and I really believe we can back it all up. How ever I do disagree with his comment of not being a top 15 team becasue I think we have the potential to be one. I am really looking forward to a deep run in to the tournament this year. But lets start with a good first game.

I don’t like this passage:

A number of teams in America are dangerous, capable of pulling off an upset on any given night. They aren’t Top 15 teams, and they aren’t slated to challenge for the conference title, but they’re still potential NCAA squads with a little luck.

[i]Originally posted by 49erTacia[/i]@Nov 11 2004, 06:27 PM [b] We have all this hype coming from these respectable people in college basketball (Katz, Vitale, etc...) [/b]
:blink: You just lost 2 cool points for insinuating that Duke Vitale is respectable. I don't care how much good stuff he says about us, he's still a moron.

Just pickin’ with ya though 49erTacia… Welcome to the board. :slight_smile:

The only thing Vitale has done is to jump on the Niner bandwagon.

Good to see some recognition but I think that Vitale is getting his info from CHN. We will make the NCAAs with a little luck? Oh yeah because you know our team this year is all freshmen and walk-ons. You should have known that he would mention louisville and memphis with cincinatti. That same old tired crap, if they were good two years ago they’ll be good now. Dick, thanks for not being well, completely like yourself but if you knew jack squat then you would be saying cincy might make the NCAAs with a little luck. I guess Duke isn’t good enough this year to get ALL of his attention.