Discount FSL's For Sale

I have two FSL’s for SALE. They are in section 104, row 12, seats 14 and 15. They are great seats in the middle of the section so you still have a clear view of the game when people are walking up and down the aisles. In addition, you get a great view of the jumbotron so you can see the all the action when the players are at the other end of the field.

Text me for more information at 704-562-6810.


Man, not sure why you’re selling, and I’m sure you have a good reason, but I question your timing. Why not wait until after we have just knocked off Maryland and Florida and we’re 4-0 and ranked. Could get double or triple your money then!


Well, that’s the death kiss for the 2023 season. 2-10 inbound.

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