Disney World Advice needed


Check out this website: http://allears.net/walt-disney-world/wdw-planning/planning-your-trip-to-walt-disney-world/



If you can get your family to babysit one night so you and Mrs 2k can go out to dinner there are several nice places on property to have some adult time. I like Artist’s Point, in the Wilderness Lodge hotel. Pacific NW food and adult beverages.

Absolutely this. If you’re going with another family, work out a plan that y’all take the kids one night and they take them another night. If you go to Disney without taking a date night to yourselves, you’re really selling yourselves short.

When I was a kid, we stayed at their Key West resort. They’re all condos, which is nice as it avoids overcrowding especially at the pools, which are pretty nice. It wasn’t on the monorail, but WDW has an extensive free bus network, you can get a ride to any park from there.

Also, don’t shy away from some of the waterparks if you can get in. We went early in the mornings to be sure to get in, but with the Disney app you might be able to find out if there’s room to swing over there on an afternoon when it gets too hot in the main park.



2k already heard it in the shoutbox, but those Star Wars rides are gonna be booked months in advance. record breaking crowds is a really good point.

Using a travel guide sounds like a good idea. never tried that. I may next time. Doing it on our own, we missed out on a couple of rides we wanted to do, even with the App ahead of our visit. FWIW.




It will be hot and it will be crowded…but you can’t not have a good time at Disney with your kid.



talk to a AAA travel agent, They are free and some of them specialize in Disney, they can tell you what sucks and what’s good better than most people sicne they deal with it every day instead of every 10 years, the have the inside scoop on how to optimize time as well. I used one and she helped a lot since Disney changes how they do things sometime online stuff isn’t current.



Reach out to Mrs. ChiSox - I think she is a Disney planner.



We did a princess breakfast at Epcot. Had to get there extra early, but the meal was great, and my daughters loved it.

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I just went in June last year and survived (had to coordinate trip with a teacher’s schedule). You’ll be fine.

I can’t offer much new. But I’ll cast another vote for some of things already mentioned.

-Definitely download the app.
-Definitely sign up for quick passes every day, even if you don’t end up using them all. It’s better to have them and not use them, than to not have them at all. I believe you get 3 a day. -Try to sign up for the earliest time available to use the fast pass, because after you use it, you can then add a new one via the App.
-Try to book the fast passes as soon as possible. I believe you can start booking them 30 days prior to first day scheduled at the park.
-Try to use the fast passes on the rides that typically have the longest lines. Like use it on Avatar and not on Aladdin. You can browse around on the App to the see what the wait time is for any ride.
-Even with fast passes you’re still going to have to wait in some long lines. Try to think of things for your kids to play/do while waiting in those long lines. We bought bubble machines ahead of time at Walgreens, and brought them into the park, rather than buying the Disney branded ones inside the park. (same goes for ear plugs, ponchos, misting machine)
-I agree with the previous suggestion of splitting up your trip with a day at the resort/hotel.
-Epcot has beer and is the least crowded!!!



One of the best things about going to WDW if you sit at a desk all day and have put on some extra weight over the years is you will feel thin when you look around at the other people. I mean these folks are not Carowinds fat, but there is something about amusement parks that brings out the big people.

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Our ticket pkg included a day at Sea World. We enjoyed a less crowded, slower paced and fun day at SW. Something you could do on a down day.

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