Disney World Advice needed

Hey guys, we’re looking to set up and go in June with some family (they’ve already booked).

We’re looking to stay on-site somewhere, hitting up as many princess things as possible is a must for us with a 5 year old girl.

What do you guys know about about the meal plan options you can add on? Quick dining sounds like it may be best but really no clue. With a 5 year old, we don’t need anything fancy.

Last thing, anyone have experience doing the dinners with princesses?

Would love to hear your “can’t miss” things as well.

strongly considering staying at Art of Animation, as that is where our family is staying

Lube… lots of lube.

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man, JUNE? We went in February a few years back - PERFECT. Weather was fine, parks weren’t too crowded. Did a couple of days at Universal Studios, took a day off, then did the Disney thing (1 day at kingdom, 1 at Epcot).

We rented a condo through Holiday Inn vacation club and had a great time. Went with another family that we were friends with, they got a nearby condo.

Breakfast with the princesses. You’ll probably have to book now though.

Also, when you go into the parks go left. Everyone goes right!

Don’t go in June. Too hot, too packed. December - Feb outside the holiday weekends is perfect.

Wear unique, matching shirts. Dorky as fuck, but it makes it easy to find each other with kids. We did tie dyes one time and soccer jerseys another. I thought it was dumb at first but it worked.

I agree about Lube. Your wallet will be crying.

Also Universal is probably more fun for all but the youngest kids.

We ate at Cinderella’s castle but it was lunch not breakfast. Pretty good food and very good layout for the Princesses. We did breakfast with Winnie the Pooh characters and it was a GREAT breakfast (but how can you mess up breakfast I guess). Another good meal with Characters was in the Beauty & the Beast castle…very cool ambiance and effects within the dining rooms of the castle. Easily the coolest setting of any of the meals that we went to.

Definitely get a meal plan…prices are crazy expensive with or without it but worse without it. Most of the food isn’t that much different than knock-off fast food…but the themed meals can be pretty good. If you don’t use your snacks for the day, they will accumulate. We had a lot of unused snacks from our party of 6 and we brought home a TON of Disney World themed gummy bears, rice krispy treats, etc back for relatives and family…and us.

We stayed at Port Orleans. Staying on-site is definitely worth it so you can take advantage of the extended park hours. I think each day one park will open a couple hours early and another will stay open a couple hours late for customers that stay on site. So…you get some time with less crowds to ride the popular rides at whichever park has the extended hours without as much of a wait.

One thing I wish we would have done different…we went hard and bell to bell every day trying to ride everything. Ended up miserable, grumpy and sore by the end of each day…and after day 2 the blisters on our feet had blisters. Schedule a day to hang out and re-energize at the resort. Port Orleans had a play area, pools and movie night in the park every night…and we took advantage of none of that because we were killing ourselves at the parks.

Be sure to download the Disney Park app they have too. The app gives you real-time updates on ride wait times so if your wanting to ride a certain ride on the other side of the park…you can check to see the wait time. If it’s 2 hours…you don’t waste time walking across the park. Then, you check later and it’s down to 45min…you take off! It’s pretty slick.

June will be miserable hot…we went in August once (never again) and November once (during Fall break)…November wins that one. But…in June (like when we went in August)…another idea would be to go to a park early…then maybe come back and hang at the resort pool when it’s hottest and most crowded in the parks…then go back to a park in the evening. Especially if you’re taking advantage of the extended hours.

clt says the crystal palace is overrated, save your money

Go in early November. I can’t imagine the heat, chaos, crowds, and expense of June.

Also, carry a backpack with snacks. It cost money to smell food at Disney.

Disney World in June?

My advice: DON’T DO IT!

Take a Disney Cruise instead.

The time we went in june - every park was miserable. About 93 degrees with a heat index over 100. Everyone in the park was miserable. Adults almost fist fighting over any tiny piece of shade they could find. I’m not exaggerating. Do not go. You’d be happier if you took a hot waffle iron to the balls and gave $2,000 to your worst enemy. Yes, it is that bad.

Also, for properties on site, they’re all pretty good. I thought Coronado Springs was underrated, but some people like staying at the ones connected to the monorail.

I get that June is not the best time, but it’s a potential opportunity to go with family so my kid isn’t by herself the entire time.

Invest in some serious sunscreen, cooling tech, and dress as light as you dare. Hydrating the whole time will be vital. Get there super early and leave by lunchtime for afternoon rest time and don’t go back to the park till after 4pm.

clt went in late july. heat wasn’t that bad but it rained every day

universal is better tho

Wow, you haven’t received much info other than to not go when you are going hahaha. Go and enjoy it, you will have fun.

The quick meals will be fine for you. That is what we did, for lunch and two suppers, and it was fine.

Download the app, lots of info on it. Also Google is your friend. You will find an overload of info on the Parks and when/what to do.

Last time we went we used Amanda Powell with Key to the World travel. She was local, and I cannot recommend her enough. She booked us out an itinerary that could not be beat.

Have fun. In June.

The average temp in Orlando in June is 90/71- y’all acting like its the equator.

I’ve been in June. It’s hot… but it’s hot in Charlotte too… the lines will suck, but that’s the nature of Disney when school is out.


clt looks forward to driving an electric car to disney world.

Mrs Nugget is on her way back from Disney World now. She did a girl’s trip with our 10 year old niece. So far there is a lot of good advice here. Going when school is out means the crowds are at the peak, and the new area, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, is rumored to be opening in June, so expect record breaking crowds if that happens. Disney World parks have a max capacity and when they hit it they close the park, so staying on property and going before the rest of the people can get in is probably important. If a park like Hollywood Studios closes because of the new Star Wars land, you can probably go to another park (EPCOT, Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom) for the day. It may not be the plan, but be flexible and ready to move if you have to.

Aunt Nugget and our niece did three character meals and they were huge hits with the niece. Research Fast Passes, and book them (and everything else you can) in advance. Typically you use these for those rides/attractions with the longest lines. If you want to ride something without your child, many rides have a singles line in parallel with the normal line, but it is usually much, much shorter.

If you can get your family to babysit one night so you and Mrs 2k can go out to dinner there are several nice places on property to have some adult time. I like Artist’s Point, in the Wilderness Lodge hotel. Pacific NW food and adult beverages.

WDW is a magical place for kids (and not bad for adults too).

Also, use a travel agent.
There is one in Greensboro that works exclusively with Disney. They can get better deals, give you tips and generally know everything.
I think they are paid by Disney so it should be no expense to you.