Donations for athletics

I am not sure where to post this one, but we need a donor like this one to step forward or several donors to make this happen.

My question is after 10 years can we remove Richardson’s name from the stadium and replace it with the name of someone who donates a big gift?

Can’t take his name off without permission from him/family unless we return the funds.

That is such horseshit. What an awful deal by Judy.


I agree that it was a bad deal, but Harris Teeter pulled out at the last minute and we had nobody as a sponsor. Harris Teeter was going $5M for 10 years and JR offered $10M forever and we took it for some reason. I guess we needed money and to make a splash.

Pretty sure we are hoping to get a major gift from Richardson’s will, so till he dies there will be ZERO movement on the stadium name.

Where is this info on Harris Tetter coming from?

I’ve never heard about Harris Teeter, that would have been interesting. I’m all about money but I do love stadiums named after people. It’s a bummer that we got a bad deal and a dude that has a bad name now. At the time Jerry was a great whale to get in with.

The bad deal with Jerry is was the contract. Can’t fault them for taking the 10 Mil knowing that when he sold the team he would be flush with cash and try to land something substantially bigger.

Harris Teeter pulled out right before they signed the contract since they were being sold to Kroger. This is straight from someone in the Athletic Foundation that was part of the team working on the team. I actually thought most people knew since I was told 3-4 years ago at least on the Harris Teeter deal. They went to Lowe’s, HT, and a few other locate big companies and HT was the only one interested at the time.