Don't mess with Senior Citizens (dude getting beatup action)

Looks like a typical tough guy, but watch what happens to him when he picks a fight with a senior citizen.

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South Park predicted this day would come.

clt advises you to call the amber lamps.

Today’s lesson is:

Never pick on anyone over 50.

ahahahahaha. That black guy was out on parole after being in prison for 18 years for murder. He apparently pulled a knife as well. He’s going back to prison for life.

Follow up with old guy now known as Epic Beard Man:
Epic Beard Man Video - Post Interview

Ha! That video never gets old to me.

“Ooooohhh…He LEAKIN’!”

Y’know those clips of angry Adolph Hitler that are “re-translated”? They’re starting to get kinda old, but the one about Epic Beard Man was actually pretty decent.

Epic Beard Man is an ex-con himself. “14 years for selling drugs and pimpin’”. I guess that con didn’t know he was messing with another con, and not just a senior citizen.

Epic Beard man whooped that azz.

This was popular like 3 weeks ago…still awesome though. Notice the chick in the background, cool and collective the whole time.

Looked staged to me. Really surprised that was real… if it was.

That black dude was a punk lol.

[quote=“49or bust, post:11, topic:22962”]Looked staged to me. Really surprised that was real… if it was.

That black dude was a punk lol.[/quote]

It was real.

Damn then that black dude really is a freakin punk. Talkin about “I’ma mess that dude up” in the same breath as “call the ambalance.”

It also appears that people have taken to calling us white folks “pinkie.” I still prefer “cracker.” Either way, if you ain’t white and I hear either of those coming out cho mouf, I’ll whoop ya ass.

One of my favorite youtubes of all time.