Dorn: Finalist for Freshman of the Year!

Congrats to our own for a terrific first act. Pretty good company on that list ;D
Looking forward to (more) great things from this young man!

[font=helvetica][size=13px]2015 KYLE MACY FRESHMEN ALL-AMERICA TEAM[/size][/font]

[font=helvetica][size=13px]Karl-Anthony Towns [/size]6-11 F Kentucky[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Peyton Aldridge [/size]6-7 F Davidson[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]James Blackmon [/size]6-4 G Indiana[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Devin Booker [/size]6-6 G Kentucky[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Schadrac Casimir [/size]5-10 G Iona[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Torin Dorn [/size]6-5 G Charlotte[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Isaac Haas [/size]7-2 C Purdue[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Daniel Hamilton [/size]6-7 G/F Connecticut[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Stanley Johnson [/size]6-7 F Arizona[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Tyus Jones [/size]6-1 G Duke[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Kevon Looney [/size]6-9 F UCLA[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Jahlil Okafor [/size]6-11 C Duke[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Nick Norton [/size]5-10 G UAB[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Jakob Poeltl [/size]7-0 F Utah[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Xavier Rathan-Mayes [/size]6-4 G Florida State[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]D’Angelo Russell [/size]6-5 G Ohio State[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Domantas Sabonis [/size]6-10 F Gonzaga[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Brenton Scott [/size]6-1 G Indiana State[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Melo Trimble [/size]6-3 G Maryland[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Tyler Ulis [/size]5-9 G Kentucky[/font]
[font=helvetica][size=13px]Justise Winslow [/size]6-6 F Duke[/font]

[quote=“Savio, post:2, topic:29528”][font=helvetica]2015 KYLE MACY FRESHMEN ALL-AMERICA TEAM[/font]

[font=helvetica]Karl-Anthony Towns [/font]6-11 F Kentucky
[font=helvetica]Peyton Aldridge [/font]6-7 F Davidson
[font=helvetica]James Blackmon [/font]6-4 G Indiana
[font=helvetica]Devin Booker [/font]6-6 G Kentucky
[font=helvetica]Schadrac Casimir [/font]5-10 G Iona
[font=helvetica]Torin Dorn [/font]6-5 G Charlotte
[font=helvetica]Isaac Haas [/font]7-2 C Purdue
[font=helvetica]Daniel Hamilton [/font]6-7 G/F Connecticut
[font=helvetica]Stanley Johnson [/font]6-7 F Arizona
[font=helvetica]Tyus Jones [/font]6-1 G Duke
[font=helvetica]Kevon Looney [/font]6-9 F UCLA
[font=helvetica]Jahlil Okafor [/font]6-11 C Duke
[font=helvetica]Nick Norton [/font]5-10 G UAB
[font=helvetica]Jakob Poeltl [/font]7-0 F Utah
[font=helvetica]Xavier Rathan-Mayes [/font]6-4 G Florida State
[font=helvetica]D’Angelo Russell [/font]6-5 G Ohio State
[font=helvetica]Domantas Sabonis [/font]6-10 F Gonzaga
[font=helvetica]Brenton Scott [/font]6-1 G Indiana State
[font=helvetica]Melo Trimble [/font]6-3 G Maryland
[font=helvetica]Tyler Ulis [/font]5-9 G Kentucky
[font=helvetica]Justise Winslow [/font]6-6 F Duke[/quote]

F Davidson

Great honor, his jersey will be hanging in the rafters at the end of his career.

Well deserved, Torin!