Doyel Picks Top 16 Coaches

Not sure about this list

Why 16? One from current conference & one from new conference. Not sure how he came up with this one.

Rank Coach School Record Final Fours/Titles Skinny
1 Mike Krzyzewski Duke 694-231 10/3 Has the numbers, plus Kobe likes him
2 Tubby Smith Kentucky 315-114 1/1 Wins big and clean in mammoth pressure
3 Jim Calhoun Connecticut 680-302 2/2 Getting better with age
4 Eddie Sutton Oklahoma State 755-292 3/0 Hello, Hall of Fame? Induct this guy now
5 Bob Knight Texas Tech 832-322 5/3 Like him or not, he can flat-out coach
6 Jim Boeheim Syracuse 676-234 3/1 Orange’s sum always exceed its parts
7 Rick Pitino Louisville 416-154 4/1 Has Cardinals all the way back
8 Bill Self Kansas 231-114 0/0 Will go down as one of the all-time greats
9 Gary Williams Maryland 522-293 2/1 Could win 20 games with me at PG
10 Bo Ryan Wisconsin 98-55 0/0 His work with Badgers defies belief
11 Lute Olson Arizona 711-249 5/1 Has taken two schools to Final Four
12 Tom Izzo Michigan State 207-90 3/1 Enormous courtside presence
13 Rick Barnes Texas 343-192 1/0 Turned Texas into a basketball school
14 Roy Williams North Carolina 437-112 4/0 Next decade will be fun for UNC fans
15 Skip Prosser Wake Forest 232-107 0/0 Brilliant but humble
16 John Chaney Temple 708-283 0/0 Genius from another era

3 titles and eventually will be 1st on the all-time wins list only gets you 5th place?

Does Eddie Sutton have a national championship?

[b]3 titles and eventually will be 1st on the all-time wins list only gets you 5th place? [/b]

You lose some points off your total if you beat your players!!! :hammer:

Self and Ryan ahead of Olson and Izzo? Wh wh what?

bo ryan is waaayyyy too high up on the list

I would put prosser much higher on that list, Wake Forest is the most storied program he has handled, and he’s turned every program he’s had into a giant killer w/class. Plus he routinely embarasses Cincy, big plus. Maybe I’m biased but Tubby is a little too high to have on final four under his belt, the year he was handed a team. On the other hand I don’t know how he won so much with some of his teams.