Doyel ranks 49ers #24 in Sportsline Top 25 Preseason Top 25: Seasoned Cowboys wrangle top spot

[b]No. 24 Charlotte

Ranked too high if: Point guard is as big a problem as we think it might be.

Ranked too low if: Sophomore center Martin Iti doubles his freshman production of six points and four rebounds per game.[/b]

Also includes Louisville at #16 and Memphis at #18.


It’s sounds good to be in the top 25 but these rankings are a load of crap!

Duke’s not the usual Duke but they ain’t #23 either.

[i]Originally posted by 82NinerAlum[/i]@Oct 30 2004, 08:08 PM [b] Duke's not the usual Duke but they ain't #23 either. [/b]
yeah, youre right. they should be in the thirties or forties

As much as I hate Duke, realistically you’re wrong!

They’re a top 10 team, with studs!

[i]Originally posted by 82NinerAlum[/i]@Oct 31 2004, 02:05 PM [b] As much as I hate Duke, realistically you're wrong!

They’re a top 10 team, with studs! [/b]

wow, dont think so. they will drop like a stone right out of the top 25 as soon as the season gets going. they have ZERO depth, and their only true pg sucks.

yeah, sounds like a top ten team to me :rolleyes: . you cant play in the ACC (or hardly any other conference) with only 8 scholarship players, especially when three of them suck

dook & unc-chapel hill are both 2 of the most overranked teams in college basketball this year.

Oh how I loathe unreal fans who are blinded by their hatred…

Fact: I don’t like Duke! But watching them play is a guilty pleasure.

Fact: Duke won the national championship in 2001 with a six man rotation.

If Duke’s drops from the top 25, drinks are on me for the season!

Duke has Shelden Williams and Shav on the inside… Point out their faults if you will, but you’d go out and get drunk if they transferred to Charlotte (First round on me).

Sean Dockery does suck but DeMarcus Nelson is a STUD and averaged 9 assists in high school, to go along with 35 points and 11 rebounds. Not too shabby. He’ll take the point form Dock by the third game.

Duke may have the best wing game in the nation with JJ and Daniel, and their coached by K???

Stop guys I hate when we hate on them for being good! Makes us look so envious…

Let’s hate them because they have ugly jerseys or something.

[i]Originally posted by 82NinerAlum[/i]@Oct 31 2004, 09:38 PM [b] If Duke's drops from the top 25, drinks are on me for the season! [/b]
heh heh i know for a fact you are going to regret saying that...

I would never count the Dukies out. They’ve had one bad season is what, 20 years or something?

Dunno why we’re discussing them on this board, but not having a PG can hurt a team much more than not having depth (yes, that means us too - we’ll see). Jury’s out on these guys, but they also have a problem we don’t have - no frontcourt backups at all. That means that Williams and Randolph have to walk on eggshells every single night, or they’ll be playing 5 guards. That’s tough to take every night.

Don’t forget duke has welcomed back former football WR/SF Reggie Love, after being kicked out for passing out at a UNC frat.