Doyel's top 10 centers Preseason player rankings: Top 10 centers

On the U.S. under-21 team, Wake Forest’s Eric Williams was the center before suffering a virus late in tryouts and being left off the team. That left [North Carolina’s Sean] May and Charlotte’s Curtis Withers – another natural power forward – to share the post.

Gregg, just keep it coming. Thanks!


Rank Player School Class PPG/RPG Skinny
1 Sean May North Carolina Jr. 15.2/9.8 Ideal college center scores, rebounds, blocks shots
2 Chris Taft Pittsburgh So. 10.9/7.5 Force of nature is only going to get better
3 Andrew Bogut Utah So. 12.5/9.9 Skilled like a small forward
4 Channing Frye Arizona Sr. 16.0/7.2 Likable, dependable rock on/off court
5 Paul Davis Michigan State Jr. 15.8/6.2 Teetering on edge of superstardom
6 Ike Diogu Arizona State Jr. 22.8/8.9 Great player gets his without much help
7 Ronny Turiaf Gonzaga Sr. 15.5/6.4 Still waiting for him to turn it on
8 Torin Francis Notre Dame Jr. 14.2/8.8 Now healthy, could go for 20-and-10
9 Shelden Williams Duke Jr. 12.6/8.5 Superior defender, serviceable scorer
10 Josh Boone Connecticut So. 5.9/5.8 Alters game as shot-blocker, offensive rebounder

Sad state of College basketball when the best Center is a power forward in fact I find it amazing that not a single player on this list will play center in the NBA, they will all play power forward. Personally I would take Sheldon WIlliams ahead of everyone except May.

I just realized my CBSSportsline account is still active. I threw a bone for Eddie on SF’s and the Curtis pick for PF.

[i]Originally posted by LeftyNiner[/i]@Oct 22 2004, 02:58 PM [b] I just realized my CBSSportsline account is still active. I threw a bone for Eddie on SF's and the Curtis pick for PF. [/b]
I noticed a bunch of your posts there.